Due-Diligence Services

We focus on mitigating investment risk and maximizing asset value for our clients. This starts by a thorough due-diligence process that verifies assumptions and provides valuable investment analysis to ensure the best investment decisions are made.

Request An Audit Service

Avoid disruption to your investment business with our audit services.

Lease Audits

Full analysis of each lease and the details of each unit. This provides a complete picture of the rent roll and the profile of the property.

Maintenance Audits

An analysis of the maintenance history for the trailing 12 months. We use this report to identify the potential monthly maintenance costs and trends and then record any red flag concerns.

Unit Inspection Reports

Full inspection report of each unit at the property. We record the conditions of each unit, notating opportunities for renovations, maintenance and CapEx opportunities. 

Punch & Acceptance Walks & Reports

We assist multifamily and multi-unit single-family developers in ensuring they deliver superior apartment units to market. For developers, we conduct diligent punch inspections on new apartment units being turned over.  This includes inspection reports that identify any existing issues within cosmetic needs/repairs.