Investment Management Solutions

We offer investment management solutions for best-in-class individual investors, private equity firms, developers & institutional investors to mitigate risk and maximize the value of their multifamily investments.  With a growing demand and need to support environmental, social and governance [ESG] initiatives, IMP works with equity & debt investors engaged in the housing solutions within these initiatives.

Property Management

With over 4,000 units of Property Management experience we bring an expertise in apartment operations.  Our team of knowledgeable and dedicated real estate management professionals, strive every day to provide our residents & communities, partners and team members with exceptional service and outstanding results.

We create and deliver on realistic business plans for the operations of the property based on thorough underwriting, due-diligence, financial analysis, current market conditions and future market trends. 

Our Services Include:
* Marketing Plans and Advertising Campaigns
* Market Surveys and Rent Schedules
* Enforcing Effective Leasing & Contract Standards
* Rent Collection and Bad Debt Policies and Procedures
* Maintenance & Risk Management Programs
* Detailed Property Inspections and Physical Condition Reports
* Vendor & Contractor Relationships to maximize cost-efficient strategies
* Navigating Complex Regulatory and Compliance Requirements including: HUD, OSHA, Federal Fair Housing and More
* HR Management and Comprehensive Training Programs for All Employees

Asset Management

The IMP team monitors and analyzes every aspect of the market from both a macro and micro perspective to determine the best ways to manage an asset or portfolio.  Our team develops KPI's based on the needs of the specific property and then on a monthly basis performs variance reports.  In addition, quarterly reforecasts of the annual operating budget are performed to monitor and ensure our property's stay on track.

Our Services Include:
* Analyze Debt Structure & Refinancing/Disposition Options
* Generate Operating Proforma's and Conduct Operating Income/Expense Analysis
* Coordinate with Lenders on Debt Servicing and Replacement Reserves
* Coordinate Property Tax Assessments & Appeals
* Provide Risk Management Analysis
* Leverage Portfolio Buying Power to Reduce Long-Term Expenses
* Evaluate and Manage Property Insurance
* Assess Utility Consumption/Costs & Manage Contracts

Financial Management

Our financial management and accounting services allow our partners to invest with ease and maintain a peace of mind. We value our integrity and pride ourselves on keeping our partners well-informed on their investments. Our institutional style reporting allows us to evaluate and manage cash on a real-time basis, make cash flow projections, and update our partners on upcoming contributions to and/or distributions from their assets.  

Our fund administrator and accounting team has over 20 years of experience and compute and process all capital calls and distributions which are fully integrated with GAAP and tax basis capital accounts.

Our partners have access to a secure web-based portal used for all investor deliverables (Ex: quarterly reports, capital account statements, capital call and distribution notices, schedule K-1s and other tax information, etc.); and our team administers all investor-related compliance matters.


During the holding period we constantly assess the market conditions and valuations for disposition opportunities.

When determining the exit strategy, our team does a thorough financial analysis of the property, as well as, a market analysis to answer the following disposition decisions:

* Should we Refi or Exit?
* What should the method of disposition be based on the goals of the ownership team?
- Cash Sale
- Installment Sale
- Exchange
* Or, Is it better to hold the asset?