Our robust Investment Management platform offers in-depth investment strategies and operational solutions. Combined our team has overseen over $1 billion in multifamily & single-family assets equating to over 4,000 units.

Investment Management Solutions

Asset Management

We provide Asset Management services for REO owners and our acquisitions & dispositions clients that need help developing and delivering on business plans to maximize asset value. 

Our team underwrites and analyzes the investment by identifying capEx needs, capital markets conditions, micro market characteristics, expense line items, revenue opportunities and strategically establishes KPI's to execute on the business plan.  

Our Services Include:
* Analyze Debt Structure & Refinancing/Disposition Options
* Generate Operating Proforma's and Conduct Operating Income/Expense Analysis
* Coordinate with Lenders on Debt Servicing and Replacement Reserves
* Coordinate Property Tax Assessments & Appeals
* Provide Risk Management Analysis
* Leverage Portfolio Buying Power to Reduce Long-Term Expenses
* Evaluate and Manage Property Insurance
* Assess Utility Consumption/Costs & Manage Contracts

Property Management

We provide Property Management services for our Co-GP acquisitions that are less than 100 units and cannot be managed by our preferred third party manager. 

Our Services Include:
* Marketing Plans and Advertising Campaigns
* Market Surveys and Rent Schedules
* Enforcing Effective Leasing & Contract Standards
* Rent Collection and Bad Debt Policies and Procedures
* Maintenance & Risk Management Programs
* Detailed Property Inspections and Physical Condition Reports
* Vendor & Contractor Relationships to maximize cost-efficient strategies
* Navigating Complex Regulatory and Compliance Requirements including: HUD, OSHA, Federal Fair Housing and More
* HR Management and Comprehensive Training Programs for All Employees  

Financial Management

We leverage our strategic partners to help keep us in compliance with SEC laws, tax laws and accounting standards.  Our strategic partners have more than 30 years of experience and are key members of our team.  They enable our partners to invest with ease and maintain a peace of mind. 

We value our integrity and pride ourselves on keeping our partners well-informed on their investments. We deliver institutional style reporting, a secure web-based portal used for all investor deliverables (Ex: quarterly reports, capital account statements, capital call and distribution notices, schedule K-1s and other tax information, etc.); and constant communication throughout the investment cycle.