What We Do

Intuitive Management Partners is a Multifamily Investment Management Company that partners with private equity firms, private investors and commercial lenders to achieve the acquisition, operations and disposition of apartment assets.  With $400 billion of capital in place to invest in environmental, social and governance [ESG] initiatives, IMP partners with equity and debt investors engaged in the housing solutions within these initiatives. We are dedicated to identifying & underwriting apartment investment opportunities, delivering on our three focal points of operations and achieving return thresholds.

Our Three Focal Points for Successful Operations:
1. Resident Retention & Satisfaction
2. Minimizing Delinquencies
3. Effective Maintenance & Risk Management Planning

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Underwriting & Acquisitions

Using the goals and investment objectives of our partners, we underwrite, analyze & identify apartment investment opportunities based on our investment criteria and the trends of the market.  

Identification & Financial Analysis

Comprehensive Site Visit

Due-Diligence Analysis:
- Lease Audits
- Maintenance Audits
- Unit Inspection Reports
- Market Analysis 
- Budgeting & Benchmarking
- 3rd Party Inspections

Financial Analysis Finalized & Final Negotiations

Acquisition of the Property


We create and deliver on the operations plan based on the Underwriting, Due-Diligence, Financial Analysis and realistic KPI goals. Depending on the needs and goals of the community, our property implementation includes: scalable technology, legal compliance and knowledgeable team members that have experience in that particular property type. 

We operate mixed-income apartment communities including both market rate and affordable housing within the following asset types: Core, Value Add/Repositioning, and Lease Ups (Distressed or New Development). 

The Exit 

Throughout the holding period of the asset we monitor KPI performance, and establish weekly, monthly and quarterly budgets to ensure we are on target with the business plan. Our team ensures that our partners receive property performance reports and financials monthly; with access to their investment(s) at all times. During the holding period we constantly assess the market conditions and valuations for disposition opportunities.

When determining the exit strategy, our team does a thorough financial analysis of the property, as well as, a market analysis to answer the following disposition decisions:
1) Should we Refi or Exit?
2) What should the method of disposition be based on the goals of the ownership team?
- Cash Sale
- Installment Sale
- Exchange
3) Or, Is it better to hold the asset?